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The Edupreneurial Method


Action Learning:learn by doing!

Learning makes happy

Learning makes people happy, our human brain states. You can improve learning processes with positive emotions that arise because expectations are exceeded.
That is why I also explain the role of emotions, as well as how they can be used in learning processes, as I designed them in the entrepreneurial method or the Edupreneurial method.

Learning while playing

Playful learning fits in perfectly with the vision of a (current) generation that acquires playfully knowledge via the internet, knowledge that nowadays has the characteristic that it is also quickly accessible everywhere (smartphone). Learning by playing is not new: as early as 1938 the well-known scholar Johan Huizinga already spoke about the playing man: the “homo ludens”.

Simulation games

Although knowledge is quickly accessible these days, it is often fragmented (due to “zapping”) in terms of learning. Well, by placing the knowledge and the acquisition of knowledge in the context of the dynamics of the (game) simulation, the knowledge remains better and acquires structure and meaning.



We have now also found a theoretical explanation for the fact that you can perfectly learn entrepreneurship through our game simulations: the Action Regulation Theory…

This publication, presented at the ECSB conference in Turku (Finland), confirms the suspicion that “entrepreneurs” differ on average from their overall style of behavior. Both…

The core of this publication is the research into positive emotions during the game. Is “success drives success” also demonstrable during game simulations? Because we…

This is the first publication about the method of reference creation that we apply in the LA Games, the language game simulations. The combination of…

This publication examines the authentic environment as the basis for effective learning processes. It is a precursor and explains – in part – the origin…

This is the very first publication where the change to more extroverted behavior has been demonstrated by playing LE-Game. By comparing the behavioral response style…

In the meantime, we presented our research findings (September 2018) at the ECIE conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Aveiro (Portugal). Learning…

About me


Henk Roelofs

The Edupreneur

I am the man behind the scientific basis for the edupreneurial method and the creator of game simulations and behavioral style scans.

Various publications at various conferences and in international magazines bear witness to this. You can read this here on edupreneurial.

In addition, I am the author of the Zapp Zapp book LE-book . In which the learning of things is linked to experiences during the game simulations, a kind of metaphors in which clear meaning is given to those things.

Want to know more about me? Then visit my LinkedIN profile Or visit my profile on ResearchGate



The Zapp Zapp book

LE-Book is now available in multiple formats, so you can view the digital Flipbook on fliphtml5 and the pdf can be downloaded. But LE-Boek is now also being transferred to a fully digital version, on you can soon read the chapters of LE-Boek as a blog.

Via the hyperlinks you can quickly zap to your own relevant info!
The emphasis is on the pre-stage of entrepreneurship: that is the period that the learning process must and can be started. Furthermore, it is clarified what you can learn why and how based on the experiences during the LEARN Games.

1. Zapping learning: why entrepreneurial learning?
2. Zapping learning: examples and metaphors
3. Zapping learning: application & specific theory in LEARN Games
4. Zapping learning: metaphors from individual LEARN Games

You can find more information about the LEARN Games on the assortment website.

Publishing a paper version of LE-Boek has never been the intention. After all, it is about the information that LE-Boek contains. That is why the PDF versions have been downloadable for quite some time.

LE-Boek may therefore need to be developed into a kind of “app”, an application to increase effectiveness by making the relevant information even easier to access. I see my idea of ​​making a “no book book” as a journey full of adventures. I am on my way and you can follow the progress of the journey on the basis of the – constantly new versions – with this download or in the “Webbook”.

Download LE-Book as a PDF

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the other LE-Network websites

The LEARN Games

Various simulation games have been developed with the edupreneurial method.

With the help of these games, learning is not only easier but also more fun.

View the full range and options on the LEARN Games website .

The behavioral style scans

With the behavioral style scans you gain insight into your personal behavior or the behavior of a team. For example, there are the individual scans and the team scans.

The scans can also measure the effectiveness of the edupreneurial method in combination with the LEARN Games.

For an overview of the available scans, visit the behavioral style scans website .

The LE-Network Company

The Edupreneurial methodology is used by the LE-Network company.

A company that makes itself unique through the varying partnerships and is committed to improving learning processes.

You can find more information about LE-Network on the company website .



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